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Studio Gaus is an organization founded in 2014 that focuses on the advancement of education and culture for all - based in Berlin, Germany. Its main activity is the implementation of projects within some of the most influential and innovative European programmes such as ERASMUS+. To promote our projects in the most efficient way, we diagnose grievances and develop individualized concepts based on current research and educational trends. All in all, our expertise covers all important phases of the development of complex projects - starting with the development of concepts, coordination of all related activities and public relations up to the programming of web designs and the implementation of the projects. We also offer support in all steps of cultural and educational projects. Due to the successful implementation of several EU projects, our team has many years of experience, such as the development of multilingual portals with many users, and cooperates with reliable partners throughout the European Union. The focus of our work is on education and e-learning.

Our projects

Studio Gaus GmbH

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